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Elastic Wonder Reinvents 80's Retro Hair Accessory Called Scrunchie August 21 2014

Yep, did it again!
We went all out and now are able to deliver to you matching scrunchies to all of our leggings!
Just ask if you don't see your match or add yours to the shopping basket for the complete disco look :) 
@idilvice instagram'ed it!

Elastic Wonder Bow Ties Designed by IDILVICE March 13 2014

Yes, y'all we are featured! In a video that is!

It's really cool, as we have rarely done videos. We really leaned into it this time and made a dope set for you guys/girls! We made it look like a lab. A laboratorium. Well, in a way, a sewing studio is a lab. It is a place where materials are combined and something new and exiting comes out - at least this is what is happening in our lab!

So check out the set below in these portraits of the designer IDILVICE by photographer Carl Posey. BTW, Carl is also to be credited for the whole video shoot and the concept. So a big shout out to him for that!

And last but not least, William Lawson aka @Rick8arryBeatz our cousin on the West Coast produced this dope sound for it - ENJOY!