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Elastic Wonder Retail Progress July 01 2016

When I walk past the future Elastic Wonder shop in Soho I am surprised to see how fast construction goes. In NYC it seemingly takes a couple of overnights and a new building stands! I am still contemplating about signage and shelving but soon merchandise will have to move in... so exited!!

New York Designer IDILVICE in Manhattan's Soho District.

E.W. getting ready to open first retail location in Manhattan! May 27 2016

Yep! The Elastic Wonder brand will soon make it's mark on the concrete of Manhattan so to speak. Opening a retail location is a big undertaking but if a brand is born in the Big Apple, it's almost a must. The banner is huge and we are looking forward to opening soon... keep checking back for up to the minute news =)


Elastic Wonder Brand August 31 2013

Hey Y'all,

yes, indeed we are officially in business! We are really exited and can't wait to get everything started... well of course we have started a few months back and we are making great progress, but you are only a company when you are a company on paper, soooo... just in case you needed confirmation: Elastic Wonder!




Another shoot with Britt! June 29 2013


Check out Britt!!! She's the German beauty you've been seeing on Elastic Wonder's site more and more recently. We think she's the perfect EW girl. You should see how much fun we have at our shoots.. Well, we also do our share of hard work to produce these images! Look. Thanks Carl Posey and M.J. for you hands on professionalism. IDILVICE.

Instagram For Now March 28 2013

Of course Elastic Wonder is on Instagram ! For now - if you must - you can also check out any kind of updates going on in the EW headquarters and beyond on IDILVICE's Instagram page  here:


Photo shootings will never stop! February 28 2013

Thousands of leggings have to be photographed for the EW site. Wait until we add dresses and tops and other garments... One thing seems to be sure: Photo shoots will not stop. Not any time soon. We might as well get used to the process! Thanks goodness we have a professional photographer with an immense studio to capture it all... Ha! Would'nt know what to do without him... Thanks Carl Posey.


Getting ready to shoot yet another series of leggings for

Elastic Universe Space Leggings Spotted @ Local LES Deli! January 15 2013

space universe leggings


I could not believe my eyes when I saw Elastic Wonders Universe leggings at my local deli spot! Check out the couple =) so cute! Authentic!