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Elastic Wonder Runway Spring 2014 September 20 2013

It was indeed an eventful first 2 weeks of September! Getting ready for the show was a breeze compared to the runway show itself, although after the show we really were fulfilled and happy :) All well done. And thanks to you all it was a success! Please keep an eye out for all the new designs streaming in starting December 2013... some of our designs are limited edition and they will move fast, so don't forget to check in on or around December. Here's a fun outtake from the show > Happy Fall Y'all!

Ready For The Show!!! September 08 2013

We are ready for the show tomorrow! If you have secured your seat, LUCKY YOU! As we are completely sold out.





Elastic Wonder Photo Shoots January 29 2013

Of course photo shoots are fun, but boy are they a lot of work! We've been having at least 1 shoot a week lately... and that does not include preparations. Thanks goodness I have a fabulous photographer! Carl Posey has been our go to guy for anything from advertising, documentary, portraits, catalog and more. Really essential to have good material to work with... so it's been going good and I can't wait 'till we are opening shop so that you can browse through this beautiful work :)

Here are just a couple of back stage images... don't want to give anything away yet ;-) I hope you get pumped! Stay tuned for our shop opening coming very, very soon...